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Through training workshops, and individual support, we can help your employees increase job satisfaction, develop creative thinking and most importantly improve your business’s productivity and performance.


Workshops can be designed and developed to fit around your workplace needs, providing education and performance improvement strategies for your teams.

Building Natural Resilience

Being put under pressure can provide a natural source of engagement and motivation, but excessive pressure can reduce energy and stamina, resulting in reduced levels of resilience.  We all have the ability to be resilient – to adapt, source strength, become flexible, to ‘bounce back’. These interactive workshops encourage individuals to recognise and build on their natural resilience
Course objectives
  • To consider what is meant by ‘resilience’
  • To understand individual resilience levels
  • To identify barriers to and assets for building natural resilience
  • To introduce ways to build resilience

Stress Reduction

Stress is a natural response to the world around us and can provide a positive drive. Too much stress can lead to anxiety and depression, headaches and tension, poor sleep and low tolerance, high blood pressure and musculoskeletal disorders. This workshop introduces self-help strategies to enable individuals to identify and reduce the symptoms of stress.
Course objectives
  • To identify stress responses at work
  • To introduce constructive coping strategies
  • To manage physical symptoms of stress
  • To set goals to control unhelpful stress responses

Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that explores the concept of pausing, to bring our attention to what we are experiencing in the present moment. When we are actively aware of our experiences we can respond more positively to the pressure of life.
These workshops introduce seated and standing exercises that can be practiced throughout the day, at work and at home.
Course objectives
  • To gain an understanding of the concept of mindfulness
  • To explore the practice of mindfulness
  • To consider how mindfulness may be practiced as a response to pressure
  • To identify opportunities to introduce mindfulness in to daily life

Fatigue Management

Symptoms of fatigue can range from abnormal tiredness, muscle pain and headaches, to disturbed sleep and poor concentration. This workshop provides information and self-help strategies for managing symptoms of fatigue.
Course objectives
  • To understand energy levels of the ‘Human Battery’
  • To managing activity and physical energy
  • To introduce quality rest
  • To improve emotional wellbeing

Managing Sleeplessness

Poor sleep is not uncommon and can have an impact on how we perform in the day. This workshop helps employees to understand common causes of sleep problems and to focus on ways to improve sleep.
Course objectives
  • To understanding sleep cycles and sleep patterns
  • To identify the cause of sleep problems
  • To establishing routines to improve sleep quality

Reflective Writing for Performance Management

Reflective writing provides an opportunity for individuals to develop critical thinking, to resolve problems and make decisions, to learn from experience and to improve performance.
Course objectives
  • To introduce the benefits of reflective writing
  • To identify the purpose for reflective writing
  • To introduce alternative forms of reflective writing
  • To explore models of reflection

Mental Health Awareness

For Employees

Educating employees about how to recognise poor mental health will help them to manage their individual responses to pressure. Understanding the different ways in which building pressure can impact upon behaviour and performance, can help individuals to re-balance and find support.
Course objectives
  • Understand what is mental health
  • Recognise signs of poor mental health
  • Reduce mental health stigma in the workplace
  • Take steps to reduce the risk of, and support others with, mental health issues

For Managers

Managing mental health in the work place can improve performance and reduce absenteeism. By understanding what can be done to prevent mental health problems at work, managers can help to support employees who are experiencing poor mental health, and create a positive work culture.
Course objectives
  • To define workplace wellbeing
  • To recognise manager responsibilities for workplace wellbeing
  • To understand the impact of pressure on performance
  • To manage staff mental wellbeing
  • To plan the conversation around retention and return to work

Functional Performance Assessments

Functional Performance Assessments provide managers and Human Resource Departments with information that can support Capability and Performance Management procedures.

  • Assessment of performance levels and recommendation for reasonable adjustment
  • Assessment of life balance, time use and goal setting
  • Assessment for mild cognitive impairment

Wellbeing Consultations

A wellbeing consultation provides support for individuals that are in need of some assistance maintaining life balance. This may be because of mental, emotional or physical health needs, and can be particularly useful for individuals who are experiencing difficulty managing work load, life role and responsibility; impacting on energy, concentration, memory or motivation. This one-to-one session is focused around individual needs in improving function and performance.

Workplace Wellbeing Policy

Most employers are aware that under the Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 they have statutory requirements

  • To take measures to control risk / stress related ill health arising from work activities
  • To carry out suitable and sufficient assessment for work-related stress
  • To take action to tackle identified problem

We can help you put together a Wellbeing Policy that suits your business, by identifying what you already have in place and recognising areas of opportunity to be reviewed or developed. Following a thorough assessment, our report provides recommendations for best practice which are in line with relevant requirement and legislation.

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