Enabling workforces to maintain
productivity and personal growth

Wrenwell are qualified healthcare professionals who deliver bespoke
wellbeing services to maintain a balanced and productive workforce.

At Wrenwell, we understand that a healthy workforce is a valuable asset.

Our qualified healthcare professionals deliver bespoke wellbeing services that are informative, motivational and enable your workforce to maintain positive performance.

Through training workshops, and individual support, we can help your employees increase job satisfaction, develop creative thinking and most importantly improve productivity.

Our flexible, cost effective packages build on your organisations existing strengths to provide teams with an understanding of how to work well.

Wrenwell provide support for the health and wellbeing of your team through education, assessment, implementation of policy and treatment programmes.

Increased employee wellbeing
Empowering staff to manage pressure
Creating positive work cultures
Reduced levels of absenteeism
Decrease employee turnover
Engaging key talent

How we can add real value to your business’s performance.

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Mental health problems are the leading cause of workplace absense

Recent research from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has found that mental health problems, including stress, depression and anxiety, are the leading cause of workplace absence in the UK, after minor illnesses.

Wrenwell can help to reduce both absenteeism and presenteeism, by educating staff in simple yet effective ways to improve their mental health and manage their responses to stress.

Stress related absenses costs the UK industry £12.47 billion each year

Absence related to stress cost the UK industry £12.47 billion each year (Stress Management Society 2016)

When an employee is off sick with physical or mental conditions there is an immediate cost in lost productivity and wages, employing staff to cover, or losing other staff due to increased pressure. We provide coping strategies for teams to manage the extra burden of absenteeism.

Stress accounted for 35% of work related ill health through 2014/15

Stress accounted for 35% of work related ill health through 2014/15 (Health & Safety Executive 2015)

Pressure is inevitable. We train your team managers to recognise the early signs of stress so that they can prepare to minimise it, and maintain a good level of employee performance.

In the UK over 9.9 million working days are lost every year because of stress

In the UK over 9.9 million working days are lost every year because of stress (Stress Management Society 2016)

Our resilience training and proactive support helps your team to deal with periods of high pressure throughout the working calendar.

43% of days off sick through 2014/15 were due to mental ill health

43% of days off sick through 2014/15 were due to mental ill health (Health & Safety Executive 2015)

Employers who provide occupational therapy rehabilitation for absent employees can redeem up to £500 tax relief for every employee per annum for payments made towards ‘medical treatment’ to return to work (Finance Act 2014).

49% of employees feel uncomfortable talking about their mental health to employers

49% of employees surveyed admitted they would feel uncomfortable talking to employers about their mental health (Time to Change 2014)

Wrenwell provide Mental Health Awareness training for management to better understand the impact of poor mental health on performance, and to help them start the conversation with employees about mental health issues to reduce levels of absence.

94% of employers and managers have felt prejudice toward employees with mental health issues

94% of employers and managers stated they have felt prejudice toward employees with mental health issues (Bupa 2014)

Employers have a duty of care to manage employee work-related stress which is set out in both statutory law and the common law. We can help your organisation avoid the cost of poor productivity and absenteeism by training managers to understand and meet statutory obligations. We can also set up a sustainable wellbeing policy for all employees to adhere to.

Maggie is a pleasure to work with, she is focused, supportive, with an excellent presentation style. She clearly has vast knowledge and experience. Thank you for your professionalism at all times backed up with your humour and being so personable

C RobertsonCEO, ActifHR

The team at McCue have picked up lots of tips and re-visited ones they knew to help them with resilience, sleep solutions and work/life balance, Maggie is also helping some individuals who are finding this really beneficial

E PanterUK Operations Director, McCue

Maggie Clinton works with Oxford Street Therapy Centre as a qualified Occupational Therapist. Maggie brings 100% enthusiasm whilst maintaining a professional conduct at all times. She is well respected and liked by co-workers and clients alike.

T DennyCentre Manager, Oxford Street Therapy Centre

Maggie Clinton is an excellent communicator with whom our staff can fully engage. The benefits for both employers and employees alike are tangible. The results provide a platform for discussion and action on many aspects that could normally go unnoticed or simply not be discussed.

T PooleManaging Director, Utile Engineering Co Ltd